24 Series 3 – Flogging a dead horse

The first series of 24 was quite interesting and worked very well if you ignored its somewhat unbelieveable plot/timespan issues. How many times did Kim Bauer manage to get kidnapped during that one day?

Series two was probably slightly better. It was certainly better paced, and quite enjoyable, even if the plot was still somewhat far-fetched

However series three is a completely different matter. The acting is wooden, the plot is woolly, and CTU is the most unbelievable counter-terrorist unit possible. I wouldn’t put them in charge of counter-insect work, let alone anything that involved tracking down bad guys. I know we are only 3 episodes into the series, but it better get better soon, as it can’t get much worse.


We’ve successfully moved office this week. Can’t say I’m overly impressed with the new office, but that’s partly due to the total lack of storage space at the moment so I’m living out of plastic crates. At least I only have one more day in the office before I start a last-ditch attempt to use up all my annual leave before the end of March.

This weekend is N’Fest III, a veritable feast of drunken debauchery, with the possibility of some bike riding thrown in for a bit of variety. Should be fun despite the rather silly amount of driving I’ll have to do.

Housing Admin vs BARDS

A very messy game in the end. We won the first leg on a tie thanks to Marcus, and the finaly leg would eventually go the same way. We lost legs we should have won easily, and won legs that by rights we should have lost.

It went to 5-4 in out favour in the end, so we took 8 points and BARDS took 4.

Some bloke called Rich Wood got top score as well. Not sure how he managed that, I reckon he bribed the scorer.

Cold and windy

Yet another weekend where I wonder if the roof on my lean-to will last through the night. Must apply a cattle-prod to the builder who was meant to be giving me a quote to replace it.

Still too bunged up from my perpetual cold to ride today, might risk it tomorrow if the wind has died down a bit. Failing that it’ll be another intensive PGR2 session on the Xbox.

Next week finally sees the office move that has been rumoured since about 1995, can’t say I’m overwhelmed with the idea, but at least I only have to spend two days in the new office before disappearing away on leave until the middle of March in a last-minute attempt to use up my remaining holiday allowance.

Lake loop

Another trip down to Chew Valley Lake today. Left home about 9:45 and rode out to Timsbury, as I got to the top of the climb about 3.5 miles out I realised I’d forgotten my wallet for the tea stop. Got to Timsbury in about 35 minutes and met up with Ian, who only had some pocket change, this could make the tea stop interesting.

We set off on quite a gentle ride down to the lake, it took us about 55 minutes for the 12 miles, but we weren’t in a hurry. At the tea stop we managed to scrape together enough money for cake and a can of coke before heading back the way we came.

After a few miles we spotted a signpost to Keynsham so decided to try an alternative route. It started with a steep climb which I managed to grind up in my lowest 30/25 gear, however a short while later we met another climb, not quite as stupidly steep, but longer. At this point my legs went on strike so I hopped off and walked, dreaming of the 22/32 lowest gear on my mountain bike. A mile or past the top of the climb we came to a road junction which also sported a tempting “byway” off to the right. After checking the map we decided it went in roughly the right direction and helped avoid a main road, so off we set.

It was quite muddy and slippery to start with, but then turned into wet rock with some loose stones and roots thrown in for good measure. Fairly easy to ride apart from the pain in my hands from gripping the bars and brakes. I’m spoilt by normally riding mountain bikes with 4-5″ of travel, nice comfy grips, and powerful hydraulic disc brakes. We had to pause halfway along to let a few 4×4 drives pass, the quick break was quite welcome. We eventually got to the end and headed for the next short byway, this wasn’t so much fun. It started with a couple of 12″ deep puddles, then turned into a walk up a slippery hill which was a bit too steep really. It would be far more fun to ride it in the other direction on a mountain bike. However the end of this path was the last of my climbing for the day, and a 6 mile road ride home led me to the shower, lunch, and the rubgy.

The ride was just under 35 miles in the end, and the cross bike now has a rather more sensible 11-30 cassette instead of the 12-25.