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24 Series 3 – Flogging a dead horse

The first series of 24 was quite interesting and worked very well if you ignored its somewhat unbelieveable plot/timespan issues. How many times did Kim Bauer manage to get kidnapped during that one day? Series two was probably slightly better. … Continue reading

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Snow chaos

By the time I left work tonight there was about one inch of snow on the ground, this brought with it absolute traffic chaos. The roads were gridlocked and I had to take fairly lengthy detours just to find roads … Continue reading

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We’ve successfully moved office this week. Can’t say I’m overly impressed with the new office, but that’s partly due to the total lack of storage space at the moment so I’m living out of plastic crates. At least I only … Continue reading

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Housing Admin vs BARDS

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Cold and windy

Yet another weekend where I wonder if the roof on my lean-to will last through the night. Must apply a cattle-prod to the builder who was meant to be giving me a quote to replace it. Still too bunged up … Continue reading

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The sweet smell of victory

…is what I would be able to smell if I could smell anything at all at the moment. However my heavy cold precludes any identification of fragrances. After last weeks shock 5-1 defeat, we turned things around and managed a … Continue reading

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Proof that exercise is bad for you

Yesterday I rode 35 miles, by the end of the day I had a bunged up head and cough, today it’s worse. Maybe I should have just stayed inside, drunk beer, and eaten junk food.

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Lake loop

Another trip down to Chew Valley Lake today. Left home about 9:45 and rode out to Timsbury, as I got to the top of the climb about 3.5 miles out I realised I’d forgotten my wallet for the tea stop. … Continue reading

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No more Pirate

Marco Pantani was found dead today in Italy. He was the last man to win Le Tour before Lance Armstrong started his dominating run of consecutive wins. Nothing else of interest happened this week really.

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Engineering a defeat

Housing Admin vs Engineers Housing Admin 1 – Engineers 5 I’ll say no more.

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