Quiet day at work. Popped down to the LBS after work to fix their till/computer again, gave me a chance to ride the Inbred for the first time in months. Bought a Endura Windtex jacket whilst I was in there as I needed a decent windproof top. Got home and started to rebuild my broken laptop. Rode to scouts and back giving the new top a good test. I was plenty warm enough with just a baselayer and the Windtex as a top layer. got home to a still-broken laptop so started to rebuild it again. Currently I’m sampling a bottle of Australian and trying to bring the laptop uptodate with patches and new applications, a somewhat sluggish task.

I think I will attempt to sleep all weekend.

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2 Responses to Things

  1. Father says:

    No change there then!

  2. grant says:

    Ya git. you changed it.

    Posting this anyway.:

    Because we’ll never be
    Told by the old school
    Sold the old rules
    Tho’ we’re no fools
    Downbeats down to earth
    You down with me?
    Clowning round the town
    Step easy
    cooking up new tricks
    Looking for a new kick
    Found a new sound
    Found that it sticks

    [does little early 1990’s long haired indie kid dance]