Cold and windy

Yet another weekend where I wonder if the roof on my lean-to will last through the night. Must apply a cattle-prod to the builder who was meant to be giving me a quote to replace it.

Still too bunged up from my perpetual cold to ride today, might risk it tomorrow if the wind has died down a bit. Failing that it’ll be another intensive PGR2 session on the Xbox.

Next week finally sees the office move that has been rumoured since about 1995, can’t say I’m overwhelmed with the idea, but at least I only have to spend two days in the new office before disappearing away on leave until the middle of March in a last-minute attempt to use up my remaining holiday allowance.

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1 Response to Cold and windy

  1. craig says:

    Hey,this US single has been riding all over on a Mongoose 2+4 with a 26″front end.Coming to London March 1.Looking for those who love folders,mtb and the single.Could bring anyof 4 folders,3 with 16 wheels,dahon and a 20 with 7speedSachs.How about a Schwinn Madison trackbike?Just a month and want to campand ride your area.Any ideas? yours in the circle,craig in Virginia