24 Series 3 – Flogging a dead horse

The first series of 24 was quite interesting and worked very well if you ignored its somewhat unbelieveable plot/timespan issues. How many times did Kim Bauer manage to get kidnapped during that one day?

Series two was probably slightly better. It was certainly better paced, and quite enjoyable, even if the plot was still somewhat far-fetched

However series three is a completely different matter. The acting is wooden, the plot is woolly, and CTU is the most unbelievable counter-terrorist unit possible. I wouldn’t put them in charge of counter-insect work, let alone anything that involved tracking down bad guys. I know we are only 3 episodes into the series, but it better get better soon, as it can’t get much worse.

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4 Responses to 24 Series 3 – Flogging a dead horse

  1. matt says:

    cold case is better.

  2. grant says:

    Would this be why 24’s ratings have slipped severely in the States?

    (Vaguely remember reading about it somewhere)

  3. Gray says:

    What is cold case?

  4. grant says:

    Thing on Sky1 about an investigator looking into old cases and trying to solve them (or something like that – I haven’t seen it)