Snow chaos

By the time I left work tonight there was about one inch of snow on the ground, this brought with it absolute traffic chaos. The roads were gridlocked and I had to take fairly lengthy detours just to find roads that I could ride down the center of. Absolute madness.

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3 Responses to Snow chaos

  1. Father says:

    Your little brother left work at 4.30 and has just arrived at Granny’s house at 8.30. ‘Uncle’ Pete Barlow is still stuck in ‘Wally World’ and likely to spend the night there because of the incompetant nitwits who left early and got stuck! ‘Uncle Keith’ the carpet man has not appeared with his van, and ‘Uncle Craig’ across the road had his car returned on the back of a low loader. They thought better of it and took it away again. Being retired has its advantages. Pour another Cotes du Rhone Villages 1998 Mother!