2000 miles

On my way home from work tonight I should pass the 2000 mile barrier since I started recording my mileage in May 2003. Not too bad for a fat lazy bloke really.

BT decided it would be a good idea to take out the phone lines to my whole street this morning. My ADSL/voice and ISDN lines were down for about 5 hours. I think they are replacing the telegraph poles and drop cable, but it would have been nice if they’d warned us in advance.

To complete a fun day we had to unload 500 boxes from the back of a lorry and decant them into a storage container today. At least it was a nice sunny day to be working outside. I think I need and ice-cream to recover.

Light night

It was great to go out for a two hour ride after work tonight and not have to use lights. Took the cross bike out and did 24 miles in the end, I’ve got plans to add another 6 or 12 miles to that route when the evenings are lighter for longer, but it was a nice gentle spin this evening.

The new XT gear bits work well, all I’m waiting for now are the 105 hubs so I can build the new wheels. It doesn’t look like I’ll have them built for HonC this coming weekend though.

New toys

The cross bike now has nice shiney new XT cranks, bottom bracket, and rear-mech. Due to a skittles match tonight I’m living dangerously and not testing anything until I get the bike out to ride to work tomorrow. Hopefully everything will work smoothly.


The weather has been exceptionally dull this weekend. Although it’s been mostly dry, it looked like it was about to rain pretty much all weekend. Eventually it cleared enough this afternoon that I dragged myself out on the cross bike intending to do a semi-offroad route with a couple of nasty climbs in it. As I climbed up into Weston my legs persuaded me to take a more rolling road-route and I ended up doing 18.5 miles including a quick trip to the park to meet my brother and nephew and watch the balloons taking off.

Hopefully the new bits for the cross bike will arrive tomorrow and I’ll get it fettled in time for HonC next Sunday.