N’Fest III

This weekend was Northumberfest III, and for once I was able to attend. For various reasons there was some last-minute replanning when MikeD was unable to attend, and so Lolly took over the vacated passenger seat in the car.

The weekend comprised lots of driving, lots of drinking, and some riding. Saturday we rode about 6 miles in snow around Rothbury. Sunday we split into two groups. One group went to Thrunton woods, the rest of us rode into Alnmouth, along the beach, and back to Alnwick. A nice combination of road-salt, snow, sand, and sea water, guaranteed to trash drivetrains and pivot bearings.

Thanks to Andy for organising everything and keeping us full of food and drink,
and thanks to T for putting up with us.

Same again next year?

Some pics from the weekend are now up.


Andy, Bez, Grant, Lee, and Tom also wielded a camera for the sake of posterity.

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1 Response to N’Fest III

  1. Father says:

    Mother thanks all the good folk who gave her little boy such a good time over the weekend, but can’t find any pictures of him in the ones he’s posted. Perhaps he was caught from in-front of the camera instead of behind it?