It’s good to be back

Back from a couple of quiet days staying with my cousin. Only cycled about 17 miles partly due to a closed tunnel, and partly due to it being fecking cold. Got back to find a package from Chainreaction containing a pair of Roach shorts that are more like very baggy trousers, be interesting to see how they cope when on a bike.

Only one day left of my holiday now, then it’s the weekend and back to the madhouse known as work. No doubt I’ll have two weeks worth of work to do on Monday morning, and my nice rested, relaxed state will soon be shattered. Such is life.

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2 Responses to It’s good to be back

  1. Father says:

    There will be Mother’s washing to do, of course, until a replacement machine arrives. Sons do have their uses.
    (Don’t worry about the ironing!)

  2. matt says:

    I will be all alone at work next week.. yay!