Half and Half vs Housing Admin

Didn’t quite go to plan tonight, after a pun-tastic evening we lost 5-2. It was the last game of the season, and wasn’t really going to affect the league tables much, but it was a fun evening.

Half and Half took 8 points, Housing Admin took 2.

Roll on next Thursday and the teams annual dinner.

It was one of those days

Nothing seemed to go right. The server replication software stopped over night, once I restarted it the performance of the servers reached an all-time low. After chasing around trying to sort out the cause of the problems I ended up stripping and rebuilding a SAN storage unit to balance the IO across the disks better. Everything finally seems to be remirroring properly which means I can strip, replace, and rebuild the other storage unit over the next few days.

At least the rain did hold out long enough today for me to get out for an hour or so on the Inbred. Did 12 miles in the end with a bit of random exploring in the woods for good measure.

It’s going to be one of those days

Part way to work, the “Curse of Truvativ” strikes and my left-hand crank falls off. Guess who doesn’t carry an 8mm allen-key in his courier bag? I only seem to have ISIS crank problems with Truvativ cranks on Truvativ BB’s, my Raceface/Raceface combo has been fine for the last 2.5 years and has had far more use than the Truvativ/Truvativ combo.

Early finish

The advantage of starting work at 8am is that I can finish at 4pm, head home, and be back out on the bike by 4:30. I was lazy today and it was about 4:40 before I headed out on the cross bike, ostensibly to check out a route for a planned scout hike. Good job I checked as it wasn’t really long enough and so I needed to tack another couple of miles onto the route. I rode a nice gentle 14 miles in the end and I was back home before 6pm, which still leaves the evening free for lounging around doing nothing in particular.

Singlespeed returns

Not quite such a nice day today, still warm but a little overcast at times. Spent a large proportion of the day sat in the garden reading books, just relaxing after a late night last night partly caused by a lack of keys (not mine). Eventually went out about 4:30 on the singlespeed for the first time in ages and did pretty much the same route as yesterday. It’s hard work on a rigid singlespeed, the 2.4″ tyres grip well and give a nice solid feel to the ride, but are hard work on the climbs. I might try some Diesels instead of the Fire FR’s if I get around to getting another pair.