The morning after

Treated the cross bike to some TLC in the form of GT85 and Finish Line lube this morning. The wetness of yesterday had rinsed every drop of lube from the drivetrain causing all manner of expensive sounding squeeks and griding noises. A few minutes fettling and it sounds much better.

Whilst I had the workstand out I decided to make the Inbred a little more “different” in the hope that I’ll then ride it more. It now has the rigid forks back on it, and the Conti Verts have been replaced with the Panaracer Fire FR’s which used to live on the Craftworks. A quick blast up the road and back felt promising, I’ll take it for a proper spin later today or more likely tomorrow.

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2 Responses to The morning after

  1. Father says:

    But what about the spokes?