Rude Awakening

Had a call from the LBS at 9:30 this morning to get me to fix the computer again. After fighting my way round Sainsburys I dug the Stiffee out and rode down. Having not ridden the Stiffee for a while I took some repeated shifting, and the odd kick here and there to get the rear mech to work again, and the front disk was rubbing causing a horrendous constant squeeling noise. At least it cleared pedestrians out of the way as they ran away with their hands over their ears.

I get the computer a good kicking and got it working again, and ended up coming away with a new front wheel to match the rear one I picked up last week. I suppose I ought to sort out the brakes on the Stiffee then swap the wheel over this afternoon.

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1 Response to Rude Awakening

  1. grant says:

    I really should fix mine.

    The front brake on the Norco has went crazy too, which is annoying.

    Just what *is* it with that bike and front brakes?

    Was fine until a couple of rides ago and suddenly the pads are so glazed, you can see your reflection in them……….