I’ve never really been happy with the Univega frame I rebuilt as a hack bike last year, so this afternoon I resurrected the Orange Clockwork and built it up with a full compliment of gears and slick(ish) tyres. It still has the original Pace RC35 forks on it, along with the original Suntour XC-Comp front mech, everything else is slightly more modern than it’s 1992 vintage. It could do with better forks, but it’s tricky to find anything with a 1inch steerer these days which won’t upset the handling too much.

All I need to finish it off is to get a new rear brake cable, and fit some pedals. Some of the other cabling could do with being tidied up, but it’ll do the job whilst I see how I get on with it. If all goes well it might actually get it’s original rigid forks back, and gain some mudguards before the autumn arrives.

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