Last minute camping

Thursday night I got a phone call asking if I could help take the Explorer Scouts camping this weekend due to a lack of leaders. Semi-reluctantly I agreed, partly as it was only for 24 hours or so. Saturday lunchtime rolled around and I arrived at my old scout hut to meet the others. There were only 4 scouts going, and 3 leaders, so I’m not quite sure why I was needed. We drove to the the site and set up camp which didn’t take us too long. The afternoon activity was raft building, the aim was to build a fire on a raft and burn through the finish line down stream. In the end only one raft still had a fire going when it crossed the line, however it didn’t burn through.

The evening meal was chicken risotto, which was actually quite nice for camp food, followed by cake and custard. A late night run to the chip shop was well timed to coincide with them closing, so we stuffed ourselves again on fish, sausage, burgers, and chips, most of which was free. The only downside was that it started raining about 7pm, and didn’t really stop until around 6am, then it started again about 10:30 and carried on until long after I got home. This meant breaking camp in pouring rain, which is always fun, however the drying of most of the tents is fortunately someone elses problem, I just have to find somewhere to dry mine.

In all, apart from the incessant rain, it was a good weekend. I might even be pursuaded to do it again one day.

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