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What a farce

For the second season running, the team that dominated the rugby premiership league all season goes home with nothing. Last season Gloucester won the league by miles, yet lost in the final. This year Bath won the league almost as … Continue reading

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Goodbye shins, hello blood

I’ve just fitted some long DMR Terror Pins to my 24Seven Slack pedals. They look lethal, and a slipped pedal will no doubt be extremely painful, but hopefully they’ll improve the grip.

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A typical start to the bank holiday

It’s been raining on and off this afternoon. Good to see that the weather is still as predictable as ever. Today was mostly spent trying to get rid of a hangover, it’s not yet fully gone so I’m resorting to … Continue reading

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Bank holiday weather

The weather is bound to take a turn for the worse now. After a couple of hot weeks, we’ve finally managed to get the heating in the office turned off, so it’s bound to get colder again now. Apologies for … Continue reading

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Full return

The roadbike is now finished with the addition of a 100mm stem. Time to give it a good long test ride. Actually it’ll probably be the usual 12-15 mile test ride, but such is life.

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Return of the Fastback

Thanks to a timely refund from BT, I decided to resurrect the road bike today. A quick trip to the LBS provided a set of 9spd Tiagra levers, an Ultegra cassette, a 9spd chain, and a selection of cables. The … Continue reading

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The working week is over

The working week is over, the bikes are back in the lean-to safely locked up, and Chainreaction still don’t appear to have processed my order from two days ago. Hopefully a nice relaxing weekend ahead of me, the main excitement … Continue reading

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Daft animals

Hobbes just lost a fight with a shoe. It chased him round the house as far as the kitchen, then finally cornered him underneath my bed. He is now cowering beside the sofa, afraid to come out again. Trying to … Continue reading

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They think it’s all over

The last coat of paint has been applied to the floor of the lean-to, I just have to leave it to dry for 24 hours or so, then I can start reclaiming my dining room which currently has 5 bikes … Continue reading

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Time to relax

Got home from work just after 4pm, spent 20 minutes painting the floor of the lean-to, then lounged in the garden enjoying the sun and reading a book ’til 6pm, then decided it was time to go for a ride. … Continue reading

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