What a farce

For the second season running, the team that dominated the rugby premiership league all season goes home with nothing.

Last season Gloucester won the league by miles, yet lost in the final. This year Bath won the league almost as convincingly, but yet again lose out in the final to Wasps.

It just makes a mockery of the whole league season if everything ends up getting decided by one match three weeks after the end of the season.

Return of the Fastback

Thanks to a timely refund from BT, I decided to resurrect the road bike today. A quick trip to the LBS provided a set of 9spd Tiagra levers, an Ultegra cassette, a 9spd chain, and a selection of cables.

The 9spd kit soon made it’s way onto the crossbike, and after a quick test ride to the LBS to pick up more parts, feel much nicer than the old 8spd Sora parts. There is a much more solid feel to the levers, and the brakes even seem to work better. I just have to get used to the new style of shifting as the Tiagras have twin levers, and the Soras have an ergo-style button.

The 8spd parts then made their way back onto the Schwinn Fastback, returning it to almost it’s original spec, bar a few judicious upgrades. All it needs now is a shorter stem, and it’ll be back on the road.

Daft animals

Hobbes just lost a fight with a shoe. It chased him round the house as far as the kitchen, then finally cornered him underneath my bed. He is now cowering beside the sofa, afraid to come out again. Trying to tell him that is was only a shoe, and that it was only “chasing” him because he’d got the lace caught in one of his claws, isn’t having much effect.

Time to relax

Got home from work just after 4pm, spent 20 minutes painting the floor of the lean-to, then lounged in the garden enjoying the sun and reading a book ’til 6pm, then decided it was time to go for a ride. Took the Craftworks out for a spin round the uni, the back tyre was a bit on the flat side which made for some interesting handling characteristics, but it came alive when pointed downhill through the woods.

Time for a cold(ish) beer, and some junk food to end the day in style.