The working week is over

The working week is over, the bikes are back in the lean-to safely locked up, and Chainreaction still don’t appear to have processed my order from two days ago.

Hopefully a nice relaxing weekend ahead of me, the main excitement being my nephew’s birthday party on Sunday.

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3 Responses to The working week is over

  1. Father says:

    Lots of new toys to play with and if you bring your cossie, you can have a paddle in the paddling pool!
    Lots of sticky cake as well!

  2. matt says:

    rich in a paddling pool!

    I think I will look at bikes, fix bikes, ride bikes, sleep, read things, watch things and be tired.

  3. grant says:


    Step awat from the paddling pool, with your hands up.

    Today I may sleep or something, as I seem to have broken myself.