Return of the Fastback

Thanks to a timely refund from BT, I decided to resurrect the road bike today. A quick trip to the LBS provided a set of 9spd Tiagra levers, an Ultegra cassette, a 9spd chain, and a selection of cables.

The 9spd kit soon made it’s way onto the crossbike, and after a quick test ride to the LBS to pick up more parts, feel much nicer than the old 8spd Sora parts. There is a much more solid feel to the levers, and the brakes even seem to work better. I just have to get used to the new style of shifting as the Tiagras have twin levers, and the Soras have an ergo-style button.

The 8spd parts then made their way back onto the Schwinn Fastback, returning it to almost it’s original spec, bar a few judicious upgrades. All it needs now is a shorter stem, and it’ll be back on the road.

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