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Spin Spin Sugar

I’ve not ridden the Inbred much lately, prefering to take the cross bike out, or rely on the bouncy plushness of the Craftworks. However I felt like a change tonight. I’d forgotten just quite how much you have to spin … Continue reading

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Random updates

Bought a new one-man tent from Argos yesterday for £15. Looks quite good although I’m lacking a garden to erect it in, so can’t give a definitive statement as to it’s quality or usefulness. However for £15 I can’t really … Continue reading

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End of the week

At last the week has ended. A mixed bag of weather over the last few days, gales and torrential rain two days ago, and a glorious summers day today. Highlights of the week include England being knocked out of the … Continue reading

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It’s good to be back

The Craftworks has regained it’s forks again. The damper cartridge came back from Mojo, total cost £17, the turnaround time was 44 hours from me dropping it off at the post office, to the postie trying to deliver it back … Continue reading

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Apparently there is a package waiting for me at the post office in town, I suspect that it’s my damper cartridge back from Mojo. Shame the weather this evening isn’t exactly conducive to bike riding, given the heavy rain and … Continue reading

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Woo Hoo II

My damper cartridge has been fixed and should be back with me within a couple of days. Apparently it’s only cost £15 for the part and £2 postage. Bargain.

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Woo Hoo

Mojo must have woken up, or more likely got back from their morning test ride. We have delivered your item Your item with reference ZU246429318GB has been delivered

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Mojo muppets

Hmm, apparently no-one was available at Mojo to take delivery of my damper cartridge this morning, so it’s been taken back to the nearest Royal Mail office. That’ll no doubt scupper plans for a quick return.

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Thixotropic custard

Brainiac on Sky One just did a test of the non-newtonian properties of custard by filling a swimming pool full of the stuff, then proving that you can walk on it. Definately inspired and eccentric TV. Why are there not … Continue reading

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Maybe not such a disaster after all

I finally rang Mojo who reckon that it should only be a couple of minutes work to fix my damper cartridge, and it should only cost £20 or £30. Royal Mail permitting they should get the damper tomorrow morning, they … Continue reading

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