Spin Spin Sugar

I’ve not ridden the Inbred much lately, prefering to take the cross bike out, or rely on the bouncy plushness of the Craftworks. However I felt like a change tonight. I’d forgotten just quite how much you have to spin on a singlespeed, my lack of progress did get a bit frustrating for a while until I decided to just sit back and enjoy myself. Despite the lack of gears I still did my usual loop quicker than normal.

Now it’s time to relax with a bottle of wine in front of a copy of On Any Sunday.

Random updates

Bought a new one-man tent from Argos yesterday for £15. Looks quite good although I’m lacking a garden to erect it in, so can’t give a definitive statement as to it’s quality or usefulness. However for £15 I can’t really go wrong.

We’ve bought a new web filtering gizmo at work, it cunningly blocks onefuckingspeed.com on the grounds that it contains pornography. Not sure where they got that idea from, especially as it doesn’t block the other URLs which point to the same site.

End of the week

At last the week has ended. A mixed bag of weather over the last few days, gales and torrential rain two days ago, and a glorious summers day today.

Highlights of the week include England being knocked out of the European Cup, maybe we’ll get to see some proper news for a change. The Craftworks is also back up and running, although the chain is a tad too short to run 36/32. It got a bit stuck earlier necessitating manual intervention. Hopefully I can find some spare 9spd links for it.

Tomorrow sees Barbara and Jamie getting married at 2pm, no doubt followed by copious quantities of alcohol at the reception. Sunday is therefore dedicated to having a hangover.

I shall partake of a small training session tonight, mainly because there is a fresh bottle of vodka in the freezer begging to be opened.

It’s good to be back

The Craftworks has regained it’s forks again. The damper cartridge came back from Mojo, total cost £17, the turnaround time was 44 hours from me dropping it off at the post office, to the postie trying to deliver it back to me today. I seem to have cured the lack-of-travel problem, although whether that it due to the correct oil lever, or the new fork seals, I can tell. Due to the weather and other committments, the test ride will probably have to wait until next Monday.


Apparently there is a package waiting for me at the post office in town, I suspect that it’s my damper cartridge back from Mojo.

Shame the weather this evening isn’t exactly conducive to bike riding, given the heavy rain and strong winds currently afflicting us, more akin to late autumn that the beginning of summer.

Actually, on reflection, it’s exactly like a normal british summer.