Time for my second visit to Glentress. We met Gray in the car park and promptly made a beeline for the Hub cafe for cheese and ham toasties, and a mug of coffee. Suitable refueled we headed out on Grants custom Red with a hint of Black route. We stopped off briefly at the skills area for a quite potter around, then carried on our merry way. The route was much as I remembered it from last year, a couple of bits were new, but it was still all good fun. We headed round the red route as far as the Ewok Village where we spent a fair while watching Olly play around on the north shore type stuff. My first run nearly ended in disaster so I played safe and resorted to wielding a camera instead of a bike.

The next section we did was Double-X from the black route, we then finished off with The Wormhole, then the final sections of the red. As with last year I was quite tired by the time we hit the last descent and almost wrapped myself round a tree. However the Hub cafe beckoned again and we were soon sat down enjoying a Hubba Bubba breakfast, washed down with more coffee.

After a wander round the bike shop, we threw the bikes in the car and headed up to the skills area and the freeride run for a bit more playing. First run down I chased Olly, and Grant and Gray followed on. Gray managed to wash out on a flattish part and cut his arm quite badly which put a bit of a dampener on things, so Olly and I did one more run without pedalling, then reloaded the cars and headed home for beer and quiche.


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  1. grant says:

    You forgot to mention my nailing of the see-saw. Twice.