The trip even further north

Friday meant Fort William day.

We loaded up the cars and headed to a McDonalds for breakfast. We were meant to be meeting Gordon at 10:30, so we left McD’s at 10:00 with 2 hours drive ahead of us. We arrived 90 minutes late, and stocked up with food, then headed onwards to Glen Coe. We located the cottage, unloaded the cars, then reloaded them with bikes and headed of to Fort Bill some 20 miles further north. Parking up we unloaded the bikes again and had a potter round. We checked out the chair-lift times for our DH day, then had a quick play on the 4X course. It’s quite big and scary in places.

The Witches Trail then beckoned to us, the first part was a singletrack climb and a bermy descent. Then after a fireroad section there was another singletrack climb, followed by more fireroad. The first proper descent was wet and rocky, so was mostly walked, then we headed along to the bombhole. Olly and Gordon took a couple of runs each, Olly got a bit sideways over the top but recovered, then Gordon tried the same and didn’t come off so well. He ended up going off to one side of the track, then dropping back into it on the corner and crashing headfirst into a pile of rocks. Watching the crash I had visions of ambulances and broken bodies, but he survived with just two stitches to his upper lip which was quite miraculous.

Spirits dampened, we headed down the fireroad and back to the cars. Gordon went straight back to the cottage, collected Gray, and went back to A&E in Fort William, Grant and I stocked up with Pizza and munchies for the evening.

A few hours laters, the walking wounded returned, and much pizza was eaten.


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1 Response to The trip even further north

  1. grant says:

    And cookies, donuts and crisps.

    We also can’t forget the invention of the new wonder-metal: TESTOSTERINIUM (c), an alloy made of solid testosterone and Ti.

    (Fairly sure that was Friday night. Saturday was dedicated to explaining that, in the cafe at the base of the Nevis Range………