Fort Bill DH day

The chairlift at Fort Bill is only open for bikes between 10:45 and 14:45, so we decided to get there nice and early. We eventually left the cottage around 10:30 and stopped off in Fort William to pop into the bikeshop for protection. Olly couldn’t find a fullface helmet he liked that fitted, and I couldn’t find one big enough. One of the downsides of having an overly large head.

We finally arrived at the DH course and got all our kit ready and headed off to buy a day pass for the chairlift. The ride up took 15 minutes or so, and all too quickly we were at the top. There is a 10 minute walk to the top of the course, then it was time for some fun.

A brief course summary.

Pedally bit. Really rocky bit. Then a mix of pedally stuff and really rocky stuff. Cross the fireroad and into the woods for some ace rooty stuff, then out into the open for some jumps and doubles, then a very very steep slope down to the end. I walked quite a bit off the stuff down to the fire road, then rode all the rest.

Once at the bottom I went straight back up in the chairlift with Gray, spotting Olly on his second run down as we passed the middle of the course.

The second run was better. I rode more than the first time, and made it down in 15-20 minutes or so.

Once at the bottom Grant decided not to do a third run and I didn’t fancy doing a run on my own, so we headed off to the cafe. Gray and Gordon managed a third run, and Olly managed four, but was quite battered and bruised by the end of it.

Once we’d refueled in the cafe we were too tired to ride any more so we reloaded the cars and wandered up to the 4X course to watch some locals clearing the drop and the jumps with ease.

After popping into Safeway on the way home the evening passed in a blur of beer, burgers, and wine.


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  1. lolly says:

    They’ve got seats reserved for mountain bikers in the cafe at the bottom of the nevis range. Betcha didn’t know that.