Visibility – Nil

Sunday was meant to see us riding part of the West Highland Way know as the Devils Staircase, however the weather conspired against us. The wind had picked up and all the hills around us were shrouded in heavy cloud. The visibility where we would be riding would make it unridable.

Gray needed to visit the A&E in Fort William to get his arm checked so we popped up to do a stop of shopping. We wandered round the bikeshop again, resisting the lure of bike bits, and wandered along the main street popping into outdoor-type shops along the way. I came away with a DVD and a mahoosive bag.

The drive back to Cowdenbeath was unremarkable apart from the rain. We waved goodbye to Gordon just after the Green Welly Stop.

The evening was spent in the local pub. The downside was that they had the footy on, all the drinkers were very vocal in their support of France, and Gray, Olly, and myself were the only English people in there.

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