The last day of proper riding in Scotland.

We headed off to Innerleithen about 10am and were soon lost. Gray managed to locate a map in the depths of his car, and we were soon back on track.

The facilities at Innerleithen leave a little to be desired. One portaloo with no toilet paper, and no drinking water available. A quick trip up the road to the shops solved the latter problem.

The route starts out with a 9km climb up onto the top of a moor. There is a little downhill bit in the middle to alleviate the boredom though. The final part of the climb zigzagging across the moor was actually quite good fun, the first climb that I’ve enjoyed for a long time.

A quick descent off the top of the moor led us to a climb back up to the top, then a more narrow descent back down again.

Highlights included the first “black” section which involved a lot of rocky steps, and the final descent back to the carpark with lots of rocky drops, loads of rolling banks, and some fast swoopy bermed descents. If it wasn’t for the couple of unridable (by me) rocky drops, it would be by favourite descent every, however due to those drops, Sidewinder/Dead Sheep Gully at Afan still takes first place.

A final trip to the Hub for another Hubba Bubba breakfast, this time with added chocolate flapjack, and it was time to wave goodbye to Gray who was heading home as we headed back to Cowdenbeath after stopping to pick up “bribes” for Jen.


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