Random twaddle

Panaracer Cinder 2.25″ tyres are quite nice. Rigid forks are less nice on hard rutted tracks.

Going back to work after just over a week away is always a bit of a shock, but I seemed to survive today with no major problems. Two day weeks are particularly nice though.

There is a new Pixies track out called “Bam Thwok”. No idea what it sounds like, but it’s bound to be good as it’s by the Pixies. [update: it’s fantastic]

Find rude place names near where you live, not a particularly good selection round here though.

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5 Responses to Random twaddle

  1. grant says:

    2 days? Damn, I had 3.

    Woops, I may be in negotiations to buy Jon Bateman’s Inbred again……..


  2. Tim says:

    lickfold is quite nice, nowhere on island though

    anyone know whats happenned to the tagish empire? have is got do massive its collapsed into itself like a neutron star?

  3. Tim says:

    oh i can spell well :-)

  4. grant says:

    oi fink sue.

    oi ave ard nuffink frum it (ss-L) since 5:30 yesterday.