End of the week

At last the week has ended. A mixed bag of weather over the last few days, gales and torrential rain two days ago, and a glorious summers day today.

Highlights of the week include England being knocked out of the European Cup, maybe we’ll get to see some proper news for a change. The Craftworks is also back up and running, although the chain is a tad too short to run 36/32. It got a bit stuck earlier necessitating manual intervention. Hopefully I can find some spare 9spd links for it.

Tomorrow sees Barbara and Jamie getting married at 2pm, no doubt followed by copious quantities of alcohol at the reception. Sunday is therefore dedicated to having a hangover.

I shall partake of a small training session tonight, mainly because there is a fresh bottle of vodka in the freezer begging to be opened.

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1 Response to End of the week

  1. Father says:

    Anyone contacting my Little Rich today, please speak quietly or use lower case only, as he’s feeling a little delicate! Weddings can damage your health!
    No long words or difficult questions until about Tuesday.
    Sent on behalf of ‘Mother’.