Big Heads and Broken Spokes

At long last, I’ve finally managed to get a full-face helmet which actually fits my unfeasibly large head. Stif had some Fox Tracer helmets cheap, and luckily they do a XXL size which is big enough to fit me.

Went out on the crosser for my first proper ride for over two weeks tonight, it was slightly dampened by snapping a spoke after only a mile, and so having to head home to replace it as the wheel was rubbing. The second attempt was more successful, although the recent lack of riding was very noticeable in my lack of leg power.

Must ride more.

Tracking is somewhat lacking

There is a parcel on it’s way to me at the moment, but according to the online tracking for the courier company, it was delivered at the end of June 2003 to a company in Derbyshire. Something is amiss somewhere.

Took a rare trip to Ikea earlier, surprised myself by only spending £33 in the end, and most of that was on two new blinds. The food in the cafe wasn’t as good this time as previous trips, it’s still cheap though.

Back to the office

Nothing much has changed in the week I was off work. No surprise there really. I’ve almost caught up with a weeks worth of emails, only 150 or so left to deal with.

My finger still hurts after getting in the way of a lump hammer yesterday afternoon which is annoying, it’s amazing just how useful your index finger is, and how tricky some things are when you can’t use it very well.

Wanton destruction

Today was mostly spent helping to demolish most of a stone outbuilding in preparation for it’s conversion into a bike workshop. I now ache all over from 6 hours spent removing a roof and taking walls apart. At least I did get a nice dinner cooked for me afterwards.

However it meant that I didn’t get to ride a bike at all today, so it’s now nearly two weeks since I last rode a bike properly, something I must rectify tomorrow night.

Back in civilisation

After a week at scout camp, it was nice to return to civilisation and be able to have a shower and clean myself properly of a weeks worth of accumulated grime. Camp went reasonably well. The weather wasn’t great until today, and we had rivers of water running through the camp during one rather heavy downpour, but the scouts seemed to enjoy it, despite the Ticks (Tim had 11), and the cooking (they claimed the Army 24 hour ration packs were nicer). All that remains now it to pack everything away, and work my way through the mountain of washing accumulated over the last week. Sleeping in a proper bed tonight will be a nice luxury after a week of sleeping bags and airbeds.

Whilst I was away, the council saw fit to paint a selection of white lines in the parking bay near the house to delineate the spaces. Quite why they felt this to be necessary I don’t know. We’ve coped perfectly well without the lines in the 8 years or so that I’ve been living here, and no doubt for many years before that.

Packing paranoia

I’m attempting to pack for scout camp at the moment, but can’t escape the paranoid thought that no matter what I do, I’ll leave something vitally important at home. I keep wandering round and throwing various things into rucksacks or kit bags, hoping that by the time I leave there will be sufficient stuff in there to last me a week.

I managed to do what I hope was the last of my kit shopping last weekend, ending up with a new 30L Deuter rucksack, along with a couple of metal bottles for holding meths and stuff. The vital shopping for chocolate, crisps, and alcohol, was done after work tonight.

Having not done a full weeks camp for 12 years or so, I’m planning to camp in luxury this year. There will be a 4-man tent just for myself, along with table, chairs, espresso pot, air bed, all the trimmings. All being well it will allow me to get to the end of the week with mind and body still vaguely intact.

Shame the weather looks like it’s going to be shit though.

It’s good to be back….

….on the bike.

First proper ride tonight for a week, so went for a gentle 20 mile spin on the cross bike. The first 5 miles were hell, but it got better after that. Stopped towards the end as we were meant to be sorting some kit out ready for scout camp at 19:30. 20 minutes later no-one had arrived so I headed home for a shower and some food.