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Big Heads and Broken Spokes

At long last, I’ve finally managed to get a full-face helmet which actually fits my unfeasibly large head. Stif had some Fox Tracer helmets cheap, and luckily they do a XXL size which is big enough to fit me. Went … Continue reading

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Hello Chunk

Now get on with some work you lazy sod.

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Tracking is somewhat lacking

There is a parcel on it’s way to me at the moment, but according to the online tracking for the courier company, it was delivered at the end of June 2003 to a company in Derbyshire. Something is amiss somewhere. … Continue reading

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Back to the office

Nothing much has changed in the week I was off work. No surprise there really. I’ve almost caught up with a weeks worth of emails, only 150 or so left to deal with. My finger still hurts after getting in … Continue reading

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Yellow for the sixth time running

Lance Armstrong won his sixth Tour de France in a row today, beating the five wins of Jacques Anquetil, Bernard Hinault, Miguel Indurain, and Eddy Merckx. Is he the best rider ever? Probably not. Is he the best Tour de … Continue reading

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Wanton destruction

Today was mostly spent helping to demolish most of a stone outbuilding in preparation for it’s conversion into a bike workshop. I now ache all over from 6 hours spent removing a roof and taking walls apart. At least I … Continue reading

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Back in civilisation

After a week at scout camp, it was nice to return to civilisation and be able to have a shower and clean myself properly of a weeks worth of accumulated grime. Camp went reasonably well. The weather wasn’t great until … Continue reading

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Packing paranoia

I’m attempting to pack for scout camp at the moment, but can’t escape the paranoid thought that no matter what I do, I’ll leave something vitally important at home. I keep wandering round and throwing various things into rucksacks or … Continue reading

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It’s good to be back….

….on the bike. First proper ride tonight for a week, so went for a gentle 20 mile spin on the cross bike. The first 5 miles were hell, but it got better after that. Stopped towards the end as we … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

My Inbred is three years old today.

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