Thank Crunchie it’s Friday

At last the working week is over. Today has been a day of bizarre weather. We’d get strong winds and torrential rain for about 30 seconds, then it would be glorious sunshine for a while, then wind and rain, then sunshine. Repeat as needed for 12 hours.

Popped into the LBS after work to pick up a new tyre for the back of the cross bike, the Conti Twister having worn almost down the center smooth after a mere 800 miles. Picked up a pair of IRC Mythos CX Slick tyres in a 38mm width, the only downside being very limited clearance for the back wheel now as they are quite a bit bigger than the 37mm Twister. I’ll run them for the summer and stick a Twister back on when things get gloopy under tyre again.

RIP Marlon Brando.

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2 Responses to Thank Crunchie it’s Friday

  1. Father says:

    Is this LBS the same, and now very famous, LBS that saved the day for some poor erk who was going to do a charity cycle-ride round Uzbekistan or somewhere, on, what turned out to be, a stolen bike frame!
    LBS loans ’60’s chopper and saves the day!
    Rule Britania, and King John! (or Ian?)

  2. rjw says:

    Aye, it would indeed be that particular LBS.