Steve Peat wins 2004 DH World Cup

Well, on paper he’s already won it despite the last round being some 2 months away.

Peat currently leads the rankings by 263 points, and with a maximum of 250 points being available in the last round, could quite happily stay at home with a nice mug of tea (or more likely a can of Stella), and still win.

Hopefully he can do the double and manage to win the World Championships in September as well.

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4 Responses to Steve Peat wins 2004 DH World Cup

  1. Father says:

    What model of De Havilland will he be flying?

  2. Gordon says:

    Bet he didn’t do it on a Trek 4700!!!

  3. grant says:

    No, he *listened* to the girl at the bottom of the range.


  4. Gordon says:

    I couldn’t listen, I had my full face helmet on…. !