Packing paranoia

I’m attempting to pack for scout camp at the moment, but can’t escape the paranoid thought that no matter what I do, I’ll leave something vitally important at home. I keep wandering round and throwing various things into rucksacks or kit bags, hoping that by the time I leave there will be sufficient stuff in there to last me a week.

I managed to do what I hope was the last of my kit shopping last weekend, ending up with a new 30L Deuter rucksack, along with a couple of metal bottles for holding meths and stuff. The vital shopping for chocolate, crisps, and alcohol, was done after work tonight.

Having not done a full weeks camp for 12 years or so, I’m planning to camp in luxury this year. There will be a 4-man tent just for myself, along with table, chairs, espresso pot, air bed, all the trimmings. All being well it will allow me to get to the end of the week with mind and body still vaguely intact.

Shame the weather looks like it’s going to be shit though.

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5 Responses to Packing paranoia

  1. Father says:

    Bottle opener?

  2. Father says:

    Thing for getting boyscouts out of horses hooves?

  3. rjw says:

    The corkscrew was one of the first things I packed.

  4. Marc says:

    Blimey, I never had Rich down as a meths drinker!

  5. grant says:

    No, that’s to scrub the boy scouts so they are clean.