Big Heads and Broken Spokes

At long last, I’ve finally managed to get a full-face helmet which actually fits my unfeasibly large head. Stif had some Fox Tracer helmets cheap, and luckily they do a XXL size which is big enough to fit me.

Went out on the crosser for my first proper ride for over two weeks tonight, it was slightly dampened by snapping a spoke after only a mile, and so having to head home to replace it as the wheel was rubbing. The second attempt was more successful, although the recent lack of riding was very noticeable in my lack of leg power.

Must ride more.

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4 Responses to Big Heads and Broken Spokes

  1. matt says:

    thank you, you have inadvertly paid some part of my wages

  2. matt says:

    it probably paid for a small part of my roadster :)

  3. rjw says:

    A spoke or two probably :)