Aches and cakes

Spent yesterday mixing and shifting around 5 tons of concrete, unsurprisingly I ached quite a lot this morning. Took a spin out to Chew Valley for tea and cakes this morning, ended up doing 35 miles. Not the best bank holiday weather, quite nice when the sun was out, but a bit cool when it was hiding behind clouds, and quite windy as well. A brief shower of rain on the way home didn’t cause too much of a problem though.

Shame I have to go back to work tomorrow.

Losing my bearings

The bearings in the rear pivots of the Craftworks were well and truely knackered. The local bearing suppliers has shut down, but luckily they are a standard skateboard bearing size, so my local skate shop provided a handful at the bargain price of a quid each. I only replaced the two rear bearings leaving me a complete set of spares, or more likely, three more sets for the rear. Hopefully that’ll stop the creaking and improve the suspension action a bit.

Tomorrow I have a date with a cement mixer and a load of concrete as I help Ian put the floor down for his new workshop. Should be a busy day.

It’s all we’re skilled in, we will be wheelbuilding…

After picking up the required bits and pieces on the way to the pub last night, this morning was spent building a new rear wheel for the Craftworks whilst watching the womens MTB Olympic race. It’s a Mavic X729 on a Hope Bulb hub, to match the Mavic D321 on Middleburn hub soon to appear on the front. Apart from the obligatory mis-lacing part way through, everything went together smoothly and it’s still nice and round after a nice muddy test ride round the University. Tomorrows job will be to strip and rebuild the rear end of the Craftworks to hopefully cure the creaking.


I seem to have picked up a dodgy stomach problem from somewhere, which isn’t particularly pleasant. Hopefully it’ll clear up soon though.

The postie brought me a new, well second-hand really, wheel in the post today. A blue 20mm Middleburn hub attached to a Mavic 321 rim. This is in preparation for me getting new forks for the Craftworks. A set of 2005 Marzocchi Z1s look to be favourite at the moment. The 66s look nice, but are apparently quite long for their given travel, and the Fox 36s will probably be too expensive.

Olympic linkage fuckwittery

According to the official olympic website, you are only allowed to link to the site using specified and approved text, you mustn’t use an image for the link, and you must send them a letter detailing the link.

So, you can’t link to the site using the word fucktard, or using a picture like this:

Whoops, I seem to have broken their hyperlinking policy, aren’t I a naughty boy?