Another weekend over

After the DIY extravaganza of yesterday, today was mostly spent sat on the sofa watching A 4×4 is Born. Shame the weather has deteriorated since yesterday and it’s now raining quite heavily.

Found out last night that the pub I’ve been drinking in since before I could legally drink, has been sold. It’s meant to be closing shortly for a few weeks for a lick of fresh paint, and it remains to be seen how much it’ll change. Hopefully it won’t become all pink and fluffy.

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2 Responses to Another weekend over

  1. Father says:

    Does Mother know about this ‘drinking’? She sometimes reads this, you know.
    I’ll get the blame!

  2. matt says:

    if it’s anything like the pubs around here, the close, get refurbed and open as Scream theme pubs in vile colours with ikea interiors. the best, warm and fuzzy pub from my uni days is horrible now.