SitS: T-5

I’ve ordered some new bars for the Stiffee, and the battery for my lights is on charge to top it up. I’ve also not ridden a bike all weekend, but I have drunk plenty of beer.

All is going to plan. Or at least it would be if I had a plan.

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2 Responses to SitS: T-5

  1. matt says:

    PERFECT traning.

    I did some half-cocked ride and worked all day..
    hope to ride if it’s nice on tuesday or wednesday or thursday.

  2. grant says:

    I’ve been riding loads all week. Even got a night ride in a couple of weeks ago to remind me how to ride at night.

    Batteries are on perma-charge.

    Just need to do a shop, give the Cove a test ride round the local loop or something and just rest a bit before the race.