New forks? Maybe not.

The 2005 Marzocchi forks are now up on their website. I’m still tempted with a set of Z1 FR I forks although an All Mountain I is a possibility. The 66 RC looks nice, but way too long for what I want.

Unfortunately the new Marzocchi forks are not as easy to service as the older models. Even previously simple tasks like checking the oil level are now shown as “must be performed only by MARZOCCHI authorized centres” which is a bit off putting. I’m used to being able to strip and rebuild my forks at home. My old Marzocchis had downloadable service manuals telling you how to strip and rebuild them completely, even my Fox Forx came with a manual telling you how to change the oil in them. Going by the recommended maintenance intervals, I’d have to send new Marzocchi forks in for a service after every 25-50 hours of use, and that alone is enough to put me off buying them.

What I actually want in a fork is something as simple to maintain as my current Fox Vanilla 125R, but with 150mm of travel, and a 20mm axle. Is that too much to ask?

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7 Responses to New forks? Maybe not.

  1. grant says:

    It’s not a new thing. My 2004 Drop Off’s lack service instructions. There are oil levels available if you know where to look but that’s it.

    You have to get a dealer to do *everything*

    Not impressed.

  2. Father says:

    Your original ‘Orange’ clockwork forks are still in the garage! Won’t they do?

  3. rjw says:

    Pikes are made by Rockshox, and will need a year or two before I’ll trust them. Nixons mean faffing with new brake calipers and stuff.

    It’ll probably end up being Z1s unless the Fox 36s make a quick appearance.

  4. Father says:

    The orange could be very quick!

  5. Olly says:

    Right, so you’ll not get 66’s because they’re not very user serviceable. Just like this years Z1s. But it’ll probably end up being Z1’s. Hu?

    a) I think they’re just as user servicable as they ever were – Marzocchi are probably just ocevering their warranteed ass.

    b) Father’s right, the orange rigid forks would be best.

    c) The 66RC is available in 150mm form by the looks of it. And a taller front end should make you more confident on the downhills. And if you swap your current riser bars for something with less that 4 foot of rise it’d cancel it all out anyway :o)

    d_ With all the adaptors floating around you shouldn’t have any problems mounting disc brakes on a Manitou fork.

    e) You’re too jey for that bike anyway ;o)

  6. Olly says:

    f) I meant to type covering, not ocevering…