Zen and the art of listening to MP3s

I finally gave in to temptation and bought myself a mp3 player, partly prompted by having to commute into Bristol next week, and therefore spending quite a lot of time sat on a bus. The mp3 player will save me carting a bag full of mini-discs around with me.

I ended up buying a Creative Zen Xtra with a 40GB HD. The first job was to replace the UK firmware with the US equivalent to get around the 100dB limit imposed by the EU nanny state, then I had to pare down my mp3 collection to fit into the 40GB of available space.

First impressions are quite good, the only problem was the initial inability to play more than 2 seconds of a track, however this was cured by a hard reset. Apparently this is a “feature” of the current firmware.

I’ll give it some more thorough testing tomorrow, and during my commutes next week, but I don’t expect any more issues.

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1 Response to Zen and the art of listening to MP3s

  1. grant says:

    Git, slag and indeed bitch.

    Still really REALLY want one, but I can’t justify it until my minidisc player dies, which it refuses to.

    I may have to throw it into the quarry at this rate. :-)