New bike – almost

I nearly bought a new bike frame today. Except they’d run out, so I didn’t. My credit card is quite thankful for that.

I didn’t really need it anyway, I was only buying it because it was pink.

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17 Responses to New bike – almost

  1. matt says:

    you need any other reason to buy a frame??????

  2. grant says:


    You came >< that close to joining the new SS-L cult.

    Myself, Simon and Gary will stick with our Kona’s. :-)

  3. matt says:

    there’s like 3 cults now, i WILL make it into all three, I’ll be the biggest Cult of all .


    (stop laughing at the back)

  4. Father says:

    I sometimes worry about you!

  5. grant says:

    You missed out on the SS Kona though.

    Your current Kona don’t count if you SS it as it ain’t got horizontal dropouts…… (and it’s not a Kaboom or Unit)


  6. matt says:

    YES GRANT, that is why i said i WILL make it into them all.. already in the Inbred, and even the Broken Inbred, and the Pink 1x1ers, next Kona, don’t really want a Unit, want a Kaboom, will wait there will be one sooner or later…. hopefully.

  7. Olly says:

    What about the cult of the big stiffee?

  8. grant says:

    Heh….he said Stiffee.

    Kill Gary and steal his Kaboon. :-)

  9. Olly says:

    Is that like a dyslexic baboon?

  10. matt says:

    I don;t want to kill gary, but if it’s the only chance i’ll have to get one, he better watch out :o)

    the surly is REALLLLY pretty, shame to just slap on crappo parts really.

    (although my ‘enquiry about monos and ea70’s is i the system now)

  11. grant says:


    My new bike needs nothing.

    Except pimpier brake calipers and a pimpier seatpost, not the cheap thing in there at the mo.

    Otherwise it seems perfect. :-)

    All Sora, bar the brake calipers (cheap Tektro things) and rims Mavic black road jobbers…SWEET!!!!)

  12. rjw says:

    If they are the same Tektro ones as mine, you’ll also find them labelled as Cannondale on their

  13. Anonymous says:

    Aye? Fairy muff. Still fancy a new seatpost – the specced one doesn’t tilt ffs!

  14. matt says:

    (i bet it does tilt)

    my seatpost is carbon and very light. :0

  15. grant says:

    My seatpost is jey as feck.

  16. Father says:

    I don’t have a seat post!