Saturday Shopping

A couple of trips into town today. The first furnished me with Cycling Plus and a new pair of trainers, then a last minute dash back into town at 5 provided another bottle cage and some Bontrager gel bar tape for the cross bike.

My fork dilemma has been concluded. Probably. The plan at the moment is to get some RockShox Pike forks when the LBS get them in. These will go on the Craftworks initially, but may end up moving to the Stiffee to make way for better forks in the future. The main reason for Pike forks is the U-Turn adjustability, and more importantly, the price. They should only cost me £250 or so, and are therefore an easy way to test out longer travel forks on the Craftworks. The adjustability means they will be equally at home on the Stiffee, something that Z1s would fail miserably on.

Boxxer Ride forks are a possibility, but I don’t really want to restrict myself by running dual-crown forks on a bike I ride cross country.

A cross bike ride is planned for tomorrow, the usual 10:30 start from "the pink house". Hopefully the weather will be a bit better than today.

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4 Responses to Saturday Shopping

  1. grant says:

    Boxxer Ride’s….oooooooooh
    Weather – don’t be a pussy! ;-)

    Tomorrow I r roadie boi, probably.

  2. matt says:

    rides in the rain are no fun IMO

    luckly i have a whole host of other things to do if precipitation persists.

  3. rjw says:

    Pedaling under persistent precipitation is positively painful.

    Lounging around on the sofa is far preferable.