Student scum

The students are back again causing chaos. There are a few cars and vans parked randomly at the end of the road, I only just managed to get the car through the gap they’d left.

Even worse is the fact there is a new accomodation block just around the corner which has loads of rooms, and about 2 parking spaces. So naturally it was absolute chaos when everyone arrived at the same time with all their worldy possessions. Despite borrowing the carpark of a nearby factory, there were cars abandoned everywhere, and apparently a traffic warden running around and ticketing them as soon as they parked on the pavement. Luckily I was on the bike when I went past so I could nip down the middle of the road and avoid the jams.

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3 Responses to Student scum

  1. matt says:

    LOL @ traffic warden :0)

  2. grant says:

    Not got as far as Jedi yet.

    Did watch the 3 hr documentary though. It’s 3 hrs in the US TV sense, in that it’s really 2 hrs twenty-something, but three hrs if you include adverts.

    The EpIII Darth Vader docu was cool too.

  3. alex says:

    students should all be shot…
    and then reincarnated as traffic wardens