Technology sucks

My main PC decided to die last night. It was working quite happily at 10pm but was as dead as a Dodo by 7am this morning. It doesn’t appear to be the PSU, as replacing it makes no difference, neither does it appear to be the case as the power button still works (sort of). So it’s either a partially dead motherboard, or a dead CPU.

On the grounds that I can’t be arsed spending ages trying to work out which it is, I’ve ordered a new barebones system to replace it. So that’s an Athlon XP 3000, with motherboard, case, and 512MB RAM on it’s way. At some point I’ll pick up a cheap motherboard and CPU to try to resurrect the old system, but that can wait for another payday.

The computer died with almost perfect timing, as I’ve arranged to buy some second-hand Marzocchi Z150 forks tomorrow night.

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7 Responses to Technology sucks

  1. matt says:

    rememebr you said that bikes are better than computers last week :0)

  2. Father says:

    Do they do matching knives and spoons?

  3. rjw says:

    I’ll ask about the cutlery.

  4. Olly says:

    You realise that with long-travel cutlery like that we’ll be expecting big air and stuff? (like wot even I can do now –

  5. matt says:

    oh smeg, that’s like a whole 18inches off the deck!

  6. rjw says:

    Olly is uber-gnarly rad hucking dude.

    Or something.

  7. Olly says:

    Olly is uber-gnarly rad hucking dude who struggles to ride down steep stuff. Bah! :-(