Quiet weekend

Nothing exciting happened this weekend. Went to a dinner on Friday and took the opportunity to take plenty of pictures with the new camera. Lounged around on Saturday, and briefly popped into town today to buy some books, a lens hood for the 300D, and a small metal camera case to store my bikes lights securely. I’ve also hopefully bought a second hand Canon 75-300 USM lens.

Unfortunately I bought my camera 5 days too early to take advantage of a Canon UK offer of £100 cashback offer, but it looks like I can use a Canon Europe €100 cashback offer, which will pay for most of the new lens.

Bath Hospitals vs Housing Admin

A messy game tonight, we weren’t consistent, and Bath Hospitals has a couple of appauling legs. Eventually the mess sorted itself out and Bath Hospitals won 5-3, although we took the pins by 12.

Bath Hospitals took 7 points, Housing Admin took 4.

The downsides of a quick trip to the bike shop

After struggling to fit all my crap into my camelbak at the weekend, I decided I needed a new and larger bag. So having seen the Kona Freeride bag that Steve Makin had at the weekend, I popped into the LBS to see if they could order one for me.

Fortunately they had them in stock, and at a discount. The downside was that they also had a load of other Kona stuff on offer, having cleared out a lot of the Kona warehouse stock. So I ended up coming away with the bag, two pairs of socks, a pair of gloves, a box of 10 MTB sized tubes, a tube for the cross bike, and a tin of mints. Not quite what I intended, good job I get paid on Thursday.


This weekend saw the inaugural Punk Bike Enduro UK, organised by Jon Bateman and hosted at Jon and Ju’s house in North Yorkshire.

Friday saw a 6 hour drive up in bad weather with Gary, we finally arrived at 22:30, the first beer only lasted 5 minutes. Steady drinking saw us through until 3am when sleep finally took over.

Saturday was the main event, a ride around Dalby Forest, complete with challenges, and beer. After 6 hours of riding, and events including trackstands, DH time trials, hill climbs, tricky descents, races, and plenty of beer drinking, we were ready to declare the winners.

In first places was everyone, we were all winners, Tom Levell was an extra-special winner as he did the entire ride with a Bob trailer full of beer and cake. Even with that, he still came 3rd in the downhill race.

The winners in full:

1: Andy Armstrong
1: Craig Woodhouse
1: Dave Anderson
1: Gary Hill
1: Jon Bateman
1: Jon Woodhouse
1: Matt Booth
1: Rich Wood
1: Simon Barnes
1: Steve Makin
1: Tom Levell

Also present were Sara, Debs and Jools, Becca, and Ju, although they didn’t ride on the Saturday.

Saturday night consisted mainly of curry and beer. No bad thing really.

Sunday was meant to be a long ride up on the moors, I declined to take part as I was a bit stiff from Saturdays riding, and didn’t fancy a long ride before the 270 mile drive home. However due to excessive faffing, and people getting lost, the ride ended up being a couple of shorter loops. It sounds like I missed out on a fun day. The drive home was uneventful, and thankfully 90 minutes quicker than the drive up.

Thanks to Jon and Ju for organising everything, and keeping us fed for the weekend. Same again next year?

Tonight I have been mostly….

….using mod_rewrite to fuck with people’s heads.

As mentioned previously, a certain image on a site I host seems to be quite popular, and is frequently posted to bulletin boards. A quick fettle of the mod_rewrite rules means that if you look at the image from the site it is on, or on it’s own, everything looks fine. However if you look at it embedded into another site, you see an altogether different, and far less appealing image.

Well, it kept me amused for an hour or so this evening.

The weekend starts here

Off oop north tomorrow to ride bikes and drink beer. It looks like it’s going to be wet, so we’ll have to drink more beer to compensate. I’ll be taking the Inbred with me on the grounds that I’ve not ridden it enough lately, so this will force me to spend an intimate weekend getting to know it better. Not sure if it’s an entirely wise decision though.

Night rider

This week saw the second of our weekly Tuesday night rides. Tonight was off-road for a bit of fun. A nice gentle spin out of the valley, then along a cheeky trail, through Rainbow Woods, into the University, then down across Hampton Rocks to the canal, town, and home. One thing I learnt tonight is that IRC Mythos CX cross tyres don’t grip very well in the slippy gloop, although I did a better job of staying on the bike than Ian did.

To spice up my night riding, I ordered a new Solstice HID lamp unit to go with my Lumicycle battery pack. Hopefully it’ll be here early next month.