Another wet night

No riding tonight due to the weather, other than a quick trip to the DHL depot to pick up a package of books from Amazon. Having got wet riding back from the depot, I was in no mood to get even wetter, so settled for listening to Big Black, and opening a bottle of red.

Might ride to scouts Friday night if the weather is nice enough.

I’ve spent the last few days at work coaxing SpamAssassin into working nicely with Exchange 2003 and Exchange Intelligent Message Filter. Currently everything seems to be playing nicely with everything else, and it should mean less spam arriving in users mailboxes, and what they do recieve should be nicely tagged. I doubt any of them will actually notice though.

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2 Responses to Another wet night

  1. Olly says:

    Bastard users. You shoulduse inverseSpanAssasin – and give them nowt but spam ;-)

  2. alex says:

    my spam has noticably reduced… cheers