The downsides of a quick trip to the bike shop

After struggling to fit all my crap into my camelbak at the weekend, I decided I needed a new and larger bag. So having seen the Kona Freeride bag that Steve Makin had at the weekend, I popped into the LBS to see if they could order one for me.

Fortunately they had them in stock, and at a discount. The downside was that they also had a load of other Kona stuff on offer, having cleared out a lot of the Kona warehouse stock. So I ended up coming away with the bag, two pairs of socks, a pair of gloves, a box of 10 MTB sized tubes, a tube for the cross bike, and a tin of mints. Not quite what I intended, good job I get paid on Thursday.

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5 Responses to The downsides of a quick trip to the bike shop

  1. alex says:

    I think the tin of mints was maybe a bit excessive…

  2. matt says:

    My toys are still at the PO, I’ll go and get them tomorrow I think.

  3. Olly says:

    I heard a rumour that you’d bought something more…

  4. grant says:

    Aye. Me too.

    Not jealous, oh no. :-)