Crap telly

Currently wasting half an hour on BBC1 is a programme called "Hard Spell" which appears[1] to involve a bunch of children spelling words, and not entirely successfully by the looks of things. Who decided that this was good prime-time telly? What will we have next, "tag-team times-table recitals", "pro-am chemistry lessons", or "live and interactive after school detentions"?

Can TV possibly sink any lower? I suppose non-stop "I’m A Celebrity Get Me A New Career" would probably be even more painful. Thank god for TiVo and DVDs.

[1]I say appears, as I’m listening to music and the TV is just showing the pictures.


Still ill with my perpetual winter cold. Spent the day in bed Thursday, went back to work today and spent the day surrounded by very very hung over people. There was a leaving party last night which I didn’t go to, and everyone seemingly drank rather a lot. Quite a few people didn’t last until the end of the day and went home early. Bunch of lightweights.

Hopefully it’ll be a fairly quiet weekend. I’m off to a dinner tomorrow night, so must remember to charge the batteries for the camera and flashgun, and also to take the tripod with me.

Computer Fettling

My main PC now has a nice shiney new NEC DVD burner, and a previously enjoyed ATI Radeon 9100 graphics card. All being well, the blank DVDs will arrive in the next day or so, then I can back up some of my documents and photos.

Tomorrow is the big server replacement at work that I’ve been working on for several weeks. We are replacing our main, and somewhat aging, SQL server with a much more powerful, and hopefully much more resilient setup. We are starting at 8am, and intending to be back up and running by 9am. We’ve done as much testing as we can think of, the only slight fly in the ointment is the lack of a full-time SQL DBA at the moment, but that just makes it all the more interesting.

All that remains then is for me to try and shift this bloody annoying half-arsed cold that I’ve still got.

Housing Admin vs Crazy Gang (Pins Cup)

The better team won tonight, it’s just a shame it wasn’t us. After 4 legs we were 16 pins down, but we’d brought that back to a deficit of 11 by the end of the seventh and final leg. To be fair, Crazy Gang have won the pins cup for the last three years running, so it’s no great shame to be beaten by them

We’ll just have to aim for the Nomination Cup now, the next round of which we are playing on 21st of December.

Email amusement

I’m lounging in the armchair in front of a roaring fire, drinking a nice bottle of Old Speckled Hen, when I get an email from telling me that my copy of Bill Bailey – Part Troll has been posted. The problem is that I’m watching it already, and in fact the credits have just started to roll. Oh well, better late than never as they say.


First ride tonight with my new Solstice HID lamp. Apart a few blackouts caused by not forcing one of the connectors together well enough, it is very impressive. Haivng only used it for a shade under two hours, I can’t comment on the reliability, but the performance is very good, with a good dispertion of bright light.

The setup is a bit messy though, there is a fly lead on the lamp complete with a glowing blue power switch, then another short lead to reverse the polarity and connect to the different style connector on the Lumicycle battery,. It does mean cable all over the place, but it works.

I think I’m now going to sleep until Sunday afternoon.