Postal disappointment

No new lens today. It was meant to have been sent "special delivery" yesterday, which means it should have been here before 1pm today, but is conspicuous by it’s absence.

I suspect the seller hasn’t actually posted it yet which is annoying, hopefully I’ll know more when he reads his email.

Update: It’s arrived, one of the neighbours had it and the postman hadn’t left a note to say so.

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20 Responses to Postal disappointment

  1. grant says:

    Postman came this morning during the 10 minutes I was at the nursery with some Kona stuff from some bloke.

    Sod must have been round the corner, waiting for me to leave ;-)

    They got the socks wrong, but no biggie (2 prs blue, one black instead of two prs black, one blue).

    The gloves rock.

    I can’t decide what to do about new year

  2. rjw says:

    Did they, I thought there was 2 black and one blue in there? Oops. There was only a limited selection of socks left which might explain it.

    Anyway, blame Will not me :)

    Try inviting some strange people up for New Year, particularly those who’ve got 10 days off over Xmas.

  3. grant says:


  4. rjw says:

    That sounds like a good plan :)

  5. grant says:



    I have an e-mail in my drafts already, oddly.

  6. rjw says:

    Matt probably wouldn’t come anyway, what about Dr Gray?

  7. grant says:

    Who says I’m wasting time inviting Matt? ;-)

  8. grant says:

    E-mailed Gray and lOlly just now.

    There will be a proper-scale Grantstock sometime in 2005. As in more than 3 or 4 people.

  9. grant says:

    Matt attends other events, just nothing I organise.

  10. rjw says:

    I’ll get the gaffer tape ready….

  11. grant says:


    No responses yet.

  12. Olly says:

    Not had the email yet ;-)

    Dunno if I can come yet. Slight shortage of holiday at the moment…

  13. grant says:

    Got it now? resent.

    What addy you using these days anyway?

  14. grant says:

    Olly – I’ll be very grumpy if you can’t. :-)

  15. Olly says:

    No change there then ;o)

  16. grant says:

    In fact, I’ve been happy since July 8th