Back to night riding

Tonight was my first proper ride since PBEUK, and it hurt. The climbs were hell as I struggled to breathe clearly, but it just wasn’t working. We took the scenic, and dark, route through the country lanes to Monkton Combe, than back along the canal into two. Night time puts a whole different perspective on an otherwise familar route. It was a perfectly clear night out there, and consequently a bit on the cold side, but a nice swift 15 miles kept us warm enough.

Tomorrow I have to drive to West Bromwich in the morning to deliver a server, then back in time to help out with the stewarding at the main fireworks display in town.

On Sunday there is a cyclo cross race up at the local BMX track, I’ll pop up with the camera to watch and deliver some wheels to MikeD who is risking life and limb by building up a fixed wheel bike. You’ll not catch me doing that. Well not yet anyway.

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3 Responses to Back to night riding

  1. Simon says:

    I can’t bring myself to go out into the dark once I’ve got in from work so I think all of my night riding is going to be extended commutes. Good job I’ve got a lovely off road route I can use on the way to/from work :)

  2. grant says:


    Waiting on my hid. :-/

    Nightriding will hen resume big style.