Winter treads

The cross bike now has it’s winter tyres back on, slightly later than intended, but better late than never as they say.

Over the summer I’ve been running IRC Mythos CX Slick tyres which are fantastic on hardpacked surfaces, but lethal when the going gets slippy. Due to their size (700x38c), they also leave next to no clearance around the rear tyre. Luckily my new Continental Twisters arrived in the shop this week, so they were fitted today. I actually reused the old front tyre from last winter as the new rear as it wasn’t too badly worn, and stuck one of the new ones on the front. There is now lots more clearance around the back tyre, and slightly more grip, both of which are advantageous at this time of year. The Mythos will hopefully make a welcome return in about 6 months time.

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5 Responses to Winter treads

  1. Simon says:

    What size twisters have you got? I need some bigger, grippier tyres for my crosser (currently running a bald 28mm vredestein campo cross on the rear and a 30mm Michelin Jet SS on the front).
    Was thinking of some 38mm twisters to give me a bit more cusioning on the rocks up this way and some more grip in the mud.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got a Michelin Mud in 30c and a Twister 37c which are all but identical in size so I wouldn’t count on much cushioning from the Contis!

  3. Gary says:

    oops, that was me :)

  4. Simon says:

    Oh well, at least they should have some grip!

  5. rjw says:

    37c Twisters. They are a bit narrower than the 38c Mythos, not tried the Michellin ones to compare them, partly because of the cost.