A veritable bargain

Having decided I needed an external flash for the 300d, I had a look around and narrowed my choice down to two. A Canon Speedlite 500EX, or a Sigma EF-500 Super DG. Both support second-curtain sync which I wanted, and are fairly powerful. Having looked around, the Canon could be had for £230 via the internet, and the Sigma around £160. However a shop in town had the Sigma in stock for £175 which was a good price, so I decided to pop in after work.

On the way to the shop I stuck my head into London Camera Exchange just to see what they had, partly to see if they had any second-hand ones in stock. They’d had no Canon ones at all, but had the Sigma I wanted in the storeroom. "That’s £149" said the salesman, "ooh bargain" I thought, "but I can do it for £120" he added, at which point I rushed to pay before he changed his mind. I also picked up a Crumpler Long Schlong case, and he knocked £9 off the price of that as well, meaning I got the flashgun and case for less than it would have cost me in the other shop.

Guess where I’ll be shopping next time I need a lens?

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14 Responses to A veritable bargain

  1. Simon says:

    Top bargain, well done :^)

    Crumpler should be shot for that website though, they will not be getting my custom!

  2. Olly says:

    Will it be WHSmith? Or John Lewis? Maybe even Dorothy Perkins?

  3. Father says:

    I apologise to all readers of this currently, X-rated site. I am surprised that his ISP has not banned it. In his defence I can only offer the excuse that his total lack of financial restraint must come from his Mother’s genes. Does he have no shame? Will he be so quick with his wine-bill on Friday?
    (Booze run in the offing!)

  4. matt says:

    Ahh is it that time of year already?

  5. rjw says:

    ‘fraid so.

    Booze run no.1 was last week.

  6. matt says:

    A *SECOND* Booze Run?

    Are the Woods going to party hard this year?

  7. grant says:

    Well, young Richard is partying in Scottishland at New Year, so he may just party hard (someone needs to!!)

  8. matt says:

    Oh yeah, i’d forgotten that.

  9. alex says:

    As youngest Wood, i dont actually see any of this booze… A case of beer equals 6 bottles of wine you see

  10. rjw says:

    That’s only because you can’t handle alcohol :)

    Anyway, won’t Andrew W.K. party hard this year?

  11. grant says:

    He’s a w@nker.

    Well, he is.


    (Andrew W.K., before someone asks)

  12. alex says:

    thank god for that… i was worried… i say one thing about beer and get branded unfairly…