Back on a bouncy bike

Took the Craftworks for a quick spin today, the first time it had been ridden for 6 weeks or so. Did the usual Uni route, complete with a healthy dose of cheek. It was also the first ride with the Kona rucksack. The bladder made the water taste horrible, and wasn’t very easy to drink from, but other than that I’m very impressed with it. Loads of space inside, and more pockets than you can shake a stick at. It quite happily swallowed my usual collection of tools, phone, minidisc player, and two cameras. I’m not sure that taking the 300D along was an entirely sensible idea as I spent most of the ride nervous of falling off and landing on it, but I did use it to take a few pics in the woods before the light went.

A fairly nice ride, although it’s a bit of a shock riding a heavy "freeride" bike instead of a nice nimble cross bike. Superb weather when I left, but overcast by the time I got home.

Pictures in the usual place – Rainbow Woods ride.

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5 Responses to Back on a bouncy bike

  1. Father says:

    You were only gone for 20 minutes, why the need for the rucksack, worldly goods, sandwiches, water, vitamin pills and 4 bottles of Cab Syrah?

  2. rjw says:

    It’s the scout training taking over. “Be prepared” and all that.

  3. matt says:

    LOL “what cage for wine bottles”