First ride tonight with my new Solstice HID lamp. Apart a few blackouts caused by not forcing one of the connectors together well enough, it is very impressive. Haivng only used it for a shade under two hours, I can’t comment on the reliability, but the performance is very good, with a good dispertion of bright light.

The setup is a bit messy though, there is a fly lead on the lamp complete with a glowing blue power switch, then another short lead to reverse the polarity and connect to the different style connector on the Lumicycle battery,. It does mean cable all over the place, but it works.

I think I’m now going to sleep until Sunday afternoon.

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3 Responses to Illuminations

  1. Father says:

    Unfortunately I woke him at 0930 Saturday morning with news of his appearance in the local paper (in the skittles news!) That was before I’d read this post of course! And only because I thought he would already have been to Sainsburys for his shopping.

  2. rjw says:

    I had already been to Sainsburys, I went at 3:45 yesterday afternoon.

  3. matt says:

    I went to Morrisons this morning. I didn;t know it opened at 8, that’s interesting knowledge to have :-)