Sale time – Day Two

I decided to brave the shops in town today. I didn’t really need anything in the sales, but I did need exciting stuff like new socks, and a pair of jeans. It wasn’t actually as insanely busy as I feared. I managed to get the few bits I needed without too much of a problem. I even timed getting home almost perfectly so that there was a fresh granary loaf just finishing off. Nice warm, fresh bread for lunch is ace.

Sale time

The usual Boxing Day sales started today, so I wandered along the road to PC World to see if I could pick up a new printer. The place was packed with shoppers, but I manage to find the Canon Pixma iP4000 printer I wanted, along with 200 sheets of varying types of Kodak printer paper. So far I’m very impressed with the print quality, and that’s before I’ve played around with the calibration.

The new bread maker was a success as well.

The Festive Season

Thanks to the wonderous delights of the festive season, the sandwich bar at work had run out of bread by 12:00, and won’t be getting any more until the 4th of Jan 2005. How crap is that? To make it even worse, the cash machine in the atrium wouldn’t give me any money. We soon solved the lack of bread problem by getting a chinese takeaway instead, a much nicer, although more expesive solution.

I’ve also spent time preparing for the office "party" tomorrow, mainly by procuring coffee machines so that we can make mulled-wine using the hot-plate.

Bath Hospitals vs Housing Admin (Nomination Cup)

Bath Hospitals were no match for the might of Housing Admin. Despite an uncharacteristically early start from Bath Hospitals, we went quickly into the lead and never wavered. We made short work of the match and won 5-0, and just to show how unbalanced the game was, Bath Hospitals got 95 pins from 5 legs, we got 172. Yours truly got a 9 spare which is no easy task in a nomination match.

Lets hope we can play as well in the semi-final, which will be on a neutral alley sometime in the new year.

The revenge of the baby-sat

I’m currently babysitting in deepest darkest Peasdown St John, not a particularly arduous task as Ethan seems to have finally nodded off to sleep after being read several books. Thanks to the delights of broadband, I can now furtle around on my home PC’s almost as quickly as if I was lounging in the armchair at home.

Work was it’s usually manically busy self today, although with a slightly relaxing festive air to lighten the mood. Tomorrow will be a disrupted day due to dentist appointments and lengthy lunches, then I’m off Wednesday for the grand unveiling (and fitting) of my new front door. Caledonian Road will never been the same again.

Slightly more constructive.

A slightly more constructive day today. I managed to write the remaining christmas cards, and post those that needed posting, then wrapped up the remainder of the presents. I even left the house for a while to buy stamps and firelighters.

Depsite the good weather today I didn’t actually ride a bike, partly because I didn’t wake up until 11. However I did fit new pedals to the crossbike, and put cleats onto my new winter shoes.