New lens

My latest eBay acquisition arrived today. A Sigma 18-125 DC. It’s virtually new, in fact there was a receipt in the box dated just three weeks ago.

The new lens is intended as a replacement for the standard 18-55 EF-S lens which I have found slightly limiting at times, the 18-125 should make a very good "normal" lens to leave on the camera full-time.

Work is still manically busy, hopefully I’ll clear most of the backlog this week leaving a quiet week or so in the run up to Christmas.

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7 Responses to New lens

  1. Mike D says:

    I like my 18-125. Only thing is that it’s noisier than the kit lens and the minimum focus distance is a bit further away. Makes up for it in versatility, though.

  2. matt says:

    OH THAT IS SMALL. I was expecting some huge clumbersome thing..
    Damn I need a 300d.

  3. rjw says:

    It is a bit noisy, but nothing much to worry about, and the 50cm focus distance isn’t a real issue as I don’t tend to do close-up stuff. The kit lens is just a bit too short really, and faffing around swapping to the 75-300 was too much like hard word.

    Matt, you definatley need a 300D, pop along to Jessops at lunchtime and buy one :)

  4. matt says:

    I waiting til I can get one dead cheap.

  5. grant says:


    Damn things.


  6. alex says:

    I need a 34DD but thats another story i guess

  7. rjw says:

    Have you asked Jo to see if she’ll get you one (or two even) for Christmas?